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The KING is here!

She’s a hacker turned agent. He will become king to a diamond empire. Can two unlikely lovers survive a sinister conspiracy?

Former MI-6 agent Beck McKenzie needs a fresh start. So after his break-up, he takes an assignment in Zambia to find his long lost family. But when secrets about his past begin to unravel, he’s determined to find out who killed his parents.

World renowned hacker Pippa Stevens lives life on the edge. So as a newly recruited agent, she jumps at the chance to investigate suspicious activity at a diamond company. But when she discovers the truth behind the lab created diamonds, she must move forward on a deadly mission.

As Beck uncovers the lies of those around him, his attraction to Pippa grows. And when the sins of his brother comes to light, he must protect her at all costs, so history doesn’t repeat itself.

Can Beck and Pippa uncover the truth about the diamonds and to find their way to true love?

KING is the second book in the riveting Deep 8 romantic suspense series. If you like steamy scenes, exotic locations, and enemies to lovers romance, then you’ll love Kenzie Macallan’s captivating tale.

Buy KING to claim your empire today!

*This book can be read as a stand alone.


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