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Dear Reader,


What are you passionate about? What drives you? Do you wake up every morning wanting to make your dreams come true?


I'm passionate about writing. I create stories that I hope will inspire readers while providing an escape.


My stories are about transformation, hence my butterfly symbol. In the words of Steve Harvey, “Take the jump.” He gave an impassioned speech about jumping into your passion in life. His words moved me on so many levels. I realized that you only have one life to live, so take it by the horns. Those words gave me the courage to take the jump into the deep end of self-publishing.


With passion comes the drive to learn everything about the business you’re building for yourself. But I’m keen enough to know when I require a life jacket. 


My debut novel in the MBK Global Security Series, is TRUTHS. It's a romantic suspense filled with the many facets of what makes us human and inhumane all at the same time. The location is the tropical setting of Cancun, Mexico full of mystery, suspense, a secret billionaire, and of course, romance.


In TRUTHS, Mara and Mac have this inexplicable pull to one another but must overcome many obstacles along the way to be together. As I wrote to weave their paths together, I encountered many detours along the way. So, in an effort to get it just right, their story went through many edits. But the two of them guided me as I continued to find a balance between suspense and hot romance before I considered it to be complete. Of course they get their happily ever after.


In the follow up novels, EDGES and MASKS, Marabella, Leigha, and Raquelle return to New York City and experience some of the crazy of the big city.


Even though each novel is a stand-alone, it’s the thread of suspense that ties them together. Each story focuses on a different sister in a twisted combination of life happening to them, as they live, learn, heal to find the real meaning of love and life.


My journey to writing is a non-traditional one. As a child, I lived in and traveled to many places around the world. Traveling activated my imagination and created the settings for many of my stories. Those stories floated around in my head for a while. Finally, I decided to get it down on paper. That’s when the real adventures began.


The better part of my life has been getting educated and acquiring various degrees, none were in writing. Although I have extensive experience in writing clinical research papers, it lacked the passion that stokes my creative fires.


Before discovering my thirst for writing, photography and oil portrait painting occupied my free time as well as being a fitness junkie. Sitting with my dog, aka muse, Niko in New England, I made use of that overactive imagination. All that creative energy found its way into this series.

I hope you join me on my journey with three dynamic sisters and some really sexy and wonderful men.

Be well, be safe, and be happy.



Author Bio:


I live in the Northeast US with my husband. I'm a huge dog lover but not ready for another one just yet.


As a child, I traveled around the world to places like Africa, Greece, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, and England.


My favorite country is Scotland and hope to go back someday.


I love to take photos of flowers and paint portraits, mostly of children.


When I’m not writing, I’m reading all kinds of romance novels and working out like a fiend.


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