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                               The adventure starts here.

                    Available on Kindle Unlimited




TRUTHS is the debut novel in the MBK GLobal Security romantic suspense series. This suspenseful, sexy, soulful tale is filled to the brim with action, romance, and a mystery that will make you hold your breath from beginning to end. 

She’s hiding a tragic secret. He’s on a dangerous mission. Can he protect the love of his life from a ruthless killer?


Cancun, Mexico. Italian beauty Marabella Luccenzo wants to shake her grim past. After her husband's sudden and mysterious death, her sisters whisk her away to a five-star resort to set her mind straight. But when a handsome Scotsman with a smart mouth gets her laughing again, she fears her dark secret could extinguish her romantic desire.


Battle-weary and needing a distraction, MI-6 agent Mac Creighton wants nothing more than his usual fling. However, his chemistry with a sexy vacationer tempts him to do more than love her and leave her. But when he opens the dossier, he finds himself racing headlong into heartbreak.


As Marabella soaks up the attention from a striking stranger, she can’t help feeling that she’s being watched. And when Mac uncovers the terrifying danger surrounding the beautiful woman, he’s torn between duty and passion.


Can this steamy couple escape the mafia to let love live another day?


Truths is a heart-pounding tale in the MBK Global Security romantic suspense series. You will adore Kenzie Macallan’s smoldering story if you like rugged men, risky attractions, and nail-biting action adventure.


Buy Truths to go undercover with passion today! 


*This book can be read as a standalone.


Truths - Kenzie Macallan - E-Cover.jpg
Edges - Kenzie Macallan - E-Cover.jpg

                       EDGES continues the story with pulse driven action between                                                    Leigha and the sexy, hot Australian, Dean. Family secrets unfolds                                                           creating questions without answers.


              Available on Kindle Unlimited


She’s under threat from a stranger with a deadly past. He’s undercover. Will deadly family secrets ruin the romance of a lifetime?


New York City. Leigha Luccenzo’s control slips through her fingers. She questions who she is between dark nightmares and her photography studio getting ransacked. Her entire identity unravels at the hands of a mysterious man. So, when the sexy new model rescues her from corrupt mobsters, she can’t decide whether to pull him close or push him away.


Former Aussie secret agent Dean Wagner loves fast bikes and faster women. But when a covert assignment puts his heart in the line of fire, his troubled past triggers feelings he’d rather forget. The guilt he’s suffered for too many years might undermine his mission and compromise his decisions.


As Leigha struggles to accept her desire for Dean, repressed memories and disturbing family secrets threaten to send her over the edge. If he can’t admit the burden he’s been carrying, he won’t be able to save her when the killer makes his move.


Can Leigha and Dean escape their past traumas before a sinister conspiracy tears them apart?


Edges is a scorching story in the MBK Global Security romantic suspense series. You'll love Kenzie Macallan's tantalizing tale if you like wounded lovers, steamy affairs, and high-octane action.

Buy Edges to shoot passion’s dangerous scene today!

*This book can be read as a standalone.


Masks - Kenzie Macallan - E-Cover.jpg

                            MASKS answers all the questions you                                                            didn't even know you had. The plot thickens                                                      with an ending you won't believe.


                                         Available on Kindle Unlimited!

She’s undercover to find a murderer. He’s accused of fraud. Will a sinister conspiracy ruin their shot at unforgettable love?


New York City. Fiery artist Raquelle Luccenzo craved her father’s approval of her artwork. So, after his murder, she’s determined to find his killer. But when the clues lead to a suspicious CEO, painting his portrait could be the key to cracking the case…if she can keep her hands off the sexy exec.


Michael Raines wants to take control of the company. But his overbearing father won’t let go of the helm. A battle rages between father and son. But when the irresistible beauty commissioned to immortalize him threatens to blur the lines between work and pleasure, it leads them into dangerous territory.


After the shocking discovery of her family’s criminal history, Raquelle must choose between her mission and her desire. And when the sins of his father land at the firm’s doorstep, Michael’s pulled into a fight to choose between surviving government prosecution or the love of his life.


Will Raquelle and Michael find their way to true love, or will their parents’ corruption destroy their lives?


Masks is a thrilling story in the MBK Global Security romantic suspense series. You will adore Kenzie Macallan’s sultry tale if you like life-changing secrets, undeniable attractions, and complex conspiracies.


Buy Masks to uncover passion’s portrait today!


*This novel can be read as a standalone.

MBK Global Security - 3D Boxset - 3D Boxset - TRANSPARENT.png

MBK Global Security Box set
Get all 3 novels for one low price!
Available on Kindle Unlimited!

MBK Global Security includes three full-length novels and a novella with sexy international men, strong heroines, and satisfying HEAs. Each book features complex conspiracy plotlines, family twists, and steamy desires.


Truths: Mara vacations with her sisters after her husband’s mysterious death. But the last she expects is to be hunted by a killer tied to the mob and fall in love with her rescuer. A steamy action with high-stakes adventure, a hot military Scotsman, a billionaire playboy, overcoming physical and emotional odds, and falling for the hero.


Secrets (bonus novella): Mara needs her space but when Mac’s brother gets tangled up with the Russian mob, one last secret could break them up. The action continues from Truths with steamy action adventure, the Russian mob, and unbreakable bonds.


Edges: Leigha’s life is turned upside down when her apartment gets ransacked. But as Dean helps her uncover a dangerous family secret and rescues her from deadly mobsters, she can’t decide whether to pull him close or push him away. An office romance, hot military Aussie, tortured hero, steamy romance with high-stakes adventure with the Russian mob.


Masks: Raquelle goes undercover to find her father’s killer. But when clues lead to Misha, a suspicious CEO, she discovers a sinister conspiracy that connects all the pieces from her family’s past. A sexy romance, opposites attract, family scandal, overcoming emotional odds.


Buy the MBK Global Security series to find out all the twists and turns you’ll never see coming!

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