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TRUTHS is the debut novel in the Art of Eros romantic suspense series. This suspenseful, sexy, soulful tale is filled to the brim with action, romance, and a mystery that will make you hold your breath from beginning to conclusion.


If you like stories that revv up your heart rate, you’ve found a pulse-pounder in TRUTHS.




Caught in a maze of deception, someone has a secret more dangerous than hers.
Marabella buries a dark secret about her marriage behind the gates of a picture perfect life. When her husband dies under mysterious circumstances, her world falls apart. Drawn into a web of lies, her truth comes to the surface as someone watches her, ready to strike. 


After a tragic loss, Mac settles for easy hook-ups. Butan intriguing woman complicates his plans.Their connection grows and he encourages her to confide in him. But when his true identity is revealed, she disappears without a trace.


Trust becomes paramount as the truth is unveiled. 


One secret turns into many.


This could be her last…

an excerpt


EDGES continues the story with pulse driven action between Leigha and the sexy, hot Australian, Dean. Family secrets unfold creating questions without answers.

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Control becomes an illusion as her freedom comes at a price.


Leigha controls everything in her life. Her father’s ominous words impact her calculated existence. Someone from his past hunts her, ripping away layers of security. Family sins reveal an entangled secret.


Dean has a pension for wounded souls. His own tragedy continues to haunt him. Unable to erase the guilt, he looks to her for salvation. His mission is to keep her safe. He can’t let history repeat itself.


One soul shattering revelation leads to danger.


The curtain drops.


Her nightmare unfolds…

an excerpt