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Burn - Kenzie Macallan - E-Cover.jpg



4.6 out of 5 stars


She’s a scientist fighting to keep her secret hidden. He’s an ex-soldier with a tragic past. Will the chemistry between them ignite lost love?


Declan Creighton lives in the shadows after his accident. So the former MI-6 agent hesitates heading back to the biotech firm in Germany that left him with scars and no memory. But when his cover gets blown and Olivia is threatened, curiosity gets the better of him. He’ll do whatever it takes to uncover the truth behind his accident and save the woman he loves.


Dr. Olivia Marcel is an ambitious biochemist with a complicated past. So when she discovers a drug designed to harm soldiers, she helps her uncle by hiring an undercover contact. But when she meets the agent, all bets are off. She tries desperately to protect her past and resist his charms.


As Declan finds a way to expose the person behind the deadly plot, his growing attraction to Olivia threatens to jeopardize the mission. And though Olivia yearns to tell him about the past he’s forgotten, she struggles to trust he won’t leave her again.


Can these brilliant scientists make it out alive and finally find happiness?


BURN is an action-packed story from the Deep 8 romantic suspense series. If you like steamy scenes, intricate plots, and a second chance romance, then you’ll adore Kenzie Macallan’s intriguing tale.

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